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How to Streamline Client Onboarding

If you’re a service-based business owner, you’re probably manually sending contracts, replying to new leads, drafting proposals, and so on. Doing all of these takes up much of your time. There’s a better way to streamline these processes in your business. In today’s […]

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Online Calendar and Scheduling Tools for Small Business

Many of us have attempted to take advantage of a variety of different solutions in an attempt to organize our personal and professional lives, from using traditional paper calendars to a plethora of different devices, software systems and applications. The reason why so many of these products have […]

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Trying to be a Superhero is Killing Your Business

You are overwhelmed. Most days, you probably are feeling really burned out. You wish you had more time to do a lot of things. Your to-do list is driving you crazy. By the time you’re ready to go to bed, you end up checking your smartphone […]

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how to overcome perfectionism

How to Deal with Your Perfectionist Standards

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Sound familiar? This is perfectionism, and you probably are guilty of it. As an entrepreneur, setting high standards […]

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