Wondering what it’s like to work with me? Here’s what some of my amazing clients (and colleagues) say about their experience.


Karen has been an integral part of our team for the past 18 months and is a constant source of surprise to us in how quickly she responds to our needs, and how quickly she accomplishes whatever we ask of her, especially if she has had to find out about and learn some new systems to get the jobs done.

Karen is versatile in her abilities, and extremely competent in her accomplishments. She comes with our highest recommendation!

Chetan Parkyn and Carola Eastwood, Founders, Human Design for Us All


Karen was exactly what I needed when I launched my first online e-course. Her expertise in webinars, website infrastructure and social media was invaluable and she created an experience for my customers that matched the high-level coaching and training I provide. She was meticulous and very organized, which made the project flow smoothly. I would highly recommend her.

Barbara Churchill, Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer, Speaker


I hired Karen to support in the planning and online marketing for several online webinars I conducted. Karen’s expertise and professionalism allowed me to focus on the material, instead of the details that I had no time for. Karen is detailed, organized, and has an uncanny eye for online marketing that works! Working with her has not only allowed me to grow my business, but it has given me peace of mind knowing that certain aspects of my online business are taken care of. These days, peace of mind is a priceless gift and that’s exactly what she delivers!

Araceli Walterson, AW Consulting , LLC


First and foremost, I want to share with you that I think you’re the best VA ever.  As I reviewed my promotional materials and the many things you’ve designed for me, they truly look awesome. I appreciate all you do and want to share – you’re the best.  I love that you’re fast, efficient and deliver on deadline. Who can ask for anything more. All and all, I’m delighted to have you as my VA.

Tiffany R., Career Success Coach


We think Karen is excellent and you cannot go wrong with her. She is professional, knowledgeable and personable….. not much else that needs to be said.

Sylvia L., Award-winning Author, Leadership Expert, Consultant


My Virtual VIP Day with Karen was an amazing experience. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to expand their online presence. Karen delivered incredibly valuable and detailed content. Although online networking is a new venture for me, at the end of our time together I felt empowered and motivated. Before working with Karen, the idea of being involved in social media seemed daunting and overwhelming. Karen customized the best ways for me to optimize my online presence. We looked at how to improve what I did have and where to expand next. Karen provided clear steps and action items for each strategy that we discussed. After working with Karen, social networking seems less overwhelming and more feasible. I now know what to do, when to do it and, most importantly, how to be successful at online marketing. Thank you Karen!

Leah Albrecht, Vector Catalyst


Karen isn’t the cheapest, but since when is the best the cheapest? She may be more, but worth every $. Saved me a heap of time and I could easily delegate stuff to her to know it would be done and done well. The amount of time you’ll save yourself on having to micromanage substandard work like with so many others, well, none of those worries with Karen. She’s smart, understands social media frighteningly well (better than most highly paid “social media consultants”), is proactive and makes sensible decisions. When she came back for questions, they were always good, intelligent questions. I’ll very likely use her services again.

Mark B.


You all did a great job on the new quotes and templates. I love love love them. Thanks so much for putting the extra effort into my project.

N. Williamson, Real Estate Agent and Investor


The VIP session with Karen was very enjoyable and productive. She is so detail oriented and makes sure that everything is taken care of when it comes to your marketing strategy. Her tools and frameworks are very comprehensive and really makes the whole process more manageable and simplified.

Seline S., Career Coach


You are so multi-talented. Do you know how much we love you?????

Vickie Smith, Certified High Performance Coach


I admire and believe in your work. Your work is phenomenal! I just want you to know that.

M. Lawson, Speaker, Market Readiness and Employment Coordinator


You need a well organized, highly knowledgeable, vibrant Social Media Coordinator. Hire Karen May!

Marisa Garcia, Party Entertainer


You were terrific!! Thank you Karen!! I will highly recommend and plan to reach back out to you for a few other social media needs.

Kanani Briggs, Arbonne Independent Consultant


Karen is an amazing assistant and writer. Karen’s knowledge of internet marketing makes her an outstanding choice for a virtual assistant if you are looking to further your internet marketing business. She also managed a team of other assistants who helped us with creating backlinks, posting articles, video marketing, etc. As a result of Karen’s efforts my website rankings went way up. I highly recommend Karen.

Al Cacarile, Dynamic Marketing Center


Karen was absolutely the best! She is very friendly, a great writer, an excellent communicator, and is very creative. She really understands the in’s and out’s of Social Media, and brings a lot of great ideas and suggestions to the project – to help it be as successful as possible. I look forward to working with Karen again soon.

William C., Marketing Agency Owner


Karen completed a social media marketing plan in a timely manner and to a high quality. Karen clearly has a great deal of expertise in this area.

Anna Nixon-Smith, Breathe Marketing


Karen has worked for us since May 2010 to head our social marketing initiative for our software applications. Karen has helped us tremendously in reaching new customers through engaging them through new social media channels. For this Karen not only designed a comprehensive social marketing strategy but also setup and maintained our Facebook Fan and Blog pages. This enabled us to get much better feedback from our customers about our products and services, and this engagement led to higher optimized sales funnels. Karen is an extremely motivated, efficient and hardworking specialist for social marketing who puts communication and customer success as a cornerstone of her approach. Karen’s work has substantially shaped our company in the last year in regards to social marketing and we enjoy to continue working with her.

Busakorn Poth, Language Learning Software


I return to Karen again and again because she delivers what she promises and is interested in challenging herself. I highly recommend Karen!

Sarah Anma, Art of Relationship Coaching


Karen is a smart woman who is able to take action and execute to get things done.

Sam Witteveen,Executive Jigsaw


Karen provided me with a social media action plan that I won by participating in a contest that she sponsored several months ago. I promised her that I would write her a recommendation after following her advice and gauging the results from doing so. I am pleased to write this recommendation for her because I am happy with my results! Karen’s plan was comprehensive, covering all the major social media platforms – including blogging. Because I believe that the most effective way to make progress in social media is to focus one’s efforts on one thing at a time, I chose to implement Karen’s suggestions for LinkedIn. I have had great success with her recommendation for establishing personal connections with people on LinkedIn by reaching out to new connections individually with a message that invites them to visit my Web site to learn more about me and what I do. Several conversations have been started in this way and I have made connections that will serve me for some of the projects that I have planned for 2013. I have also followed Karen’s advice and taken the initiative to ask for recommendations. I have received several of these as a result. I have positive results from other recommendations that Karen has made as well. I would encourage anyone who is struggling with the mastery of social media as a marketing or expertise-building tool to consult Karen for advice. I consider her a valued colleague and do not hesitate to recommend her.

Dr. Monique Y. Wells, Founder, Making Productivity Easy


Karen is a phenomenal person and businesswoman. She and I met each other through LinkedIn and eventually got to know each other offline. Realizing that our respective businesses complemented each other, we decided to partner to create an interactive video training program for entrepreneurs. Through the process of planning this program, I was able to see Karen’s keen attention to detail, creativity, technical prowess, and shining personality. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field–social media marketing–is a savvy businesswoman, and a brilliant strategist. She was a complete joy to work with and is a consummate professional. The program we created together exceeded our registration goals and had participants from all around the world, all of which Karen was instrumental in making a reality. If you have the opportunity to work with her, take it! You will get more than enough bang for your buck.

Hayya Lee, Self-Expression Coach



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