Trying to be a Superhero is Killing Your Business

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Trying to be a Superhero is Killing Your Business

You are overwhelmed. Most days, you probably are feeling really burned out. You wish you had more time to do a lot of things. Your to-do list is driving you crazy. By the time you’re ready to go to bed, you end up checking your smartphone to see if you have new important emails. And 30 minutes after you’ve tried to get a good night’s sleep, you jump out of bed and go back to your office, turn on your computer, and work on something really quick. Running your own business at first sounded like you’ll be living the freedom-based lifestyle, right?

There’s a good chance that you already wear numerous hats in your service-based business. You’re the CEO, content creator, and customer service person. The list of job roles that you likely take on every day is mind blowing – and is the reason why your business is suffering. I, too, have been in your shoes. I know what it’s like to try to be a superhero both in your business and personal life. You try to do everything yourself because no one can do it better than you do. No one else can do things exactly the way you want them.

As a virtual assistant to amazing service-based business owners, I have also fallen into the trap of trying to be a superhero for several years. If you try to keep on being a superhero and do everything yourself, it’s going to get ugly. Your business, personal relationships, and your health will eventually suffer.


Superheroes Need Help Too

If you are overwhelmed, and your health, relationships, and business are starting to suffer, it’s time to get help. The best way to do this is by building your team. This comes with a host of benefits, such as:

  1. Freeing yourself up to do what you do best
  2. Allowing you more time to focus on the growth of the business
  3. Someone else can likely get the task done better than you ever can


For example, many entrepreneurs attempt to tackle their online content marketing campaign when they really have no desire to write a blog post, never mind bother to understand keywords and SEO.  By hiring even a part time content manager, you’re saving yourself a considerable amount of time to do what it is that you do best, while also increasing your presence online.


Where to Get Started

Delegating duties is never easy, particularly when you’ve become so accustomed to being in charge of every aspect of the business.  To help you decide which tasks should be delegated and which tasks you should do yourself, start by creating these three lists:

  1. The Business Maintenance List. Consider all that it takes to keep your business afloat on a daily basis, such as answering emails, uploading a blog post, or accounting duties.
  2. The Business Growth List. In order to make your business scalable, you have to think about how you can make it grow.  Content creation, email marketing campaigns, and product development could be examples of growing your company and expanding your brand’s reach.
  3. The Business “Love” and “Hate” List. Take a week or so to work on this list and as you go about your daily duties, write down what tasks you love to do and excel at, and which make you cringe or make you want to hide under your desk.

Delegate Tasks

Savvy entrepreneurs will outsource and delegate tasks that they hate doing or that they don’t know how to do and are necessary for growth. While there are limitless questions that you can ask to try and choose the best one, consider the following during the hiring process:

  1. Does this person have experience in working with clients in your field?
  2. Can this person think outside of the box?
  3. Is this person seeking more than “just a paycheck” (i.e. what are his or her personal and business goals, and will the tasks he or she will be performing help them reach those goals)?


Adding other individuals to your team doesn’t mean that you’re hanging up your cape; it simply means that you’re adding the strength and talents of more superheroes to your business.


Ready to get rid of overwhelm? I love assisting service-based solopreneurs just like you so you can focus on your brilliant work, and not have to worry about admin, marketing, or the techy stuff. Click here to Book a Discovery Call


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